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Welcome to Nomos LLC – International Sport Law, Policy Compliance, Strategic Management, research and consulting services. Working hard, doing things right… for the right reasons. Helping people learn. Solving problems… preemptively.

Building Bridges… making it a smaller, and better, world through sport. Building bridges and keeping the balance between contemporary extremes is what we do best… a great privilege, and our calling. Dare to look beyond… and we are here to help.

Vision… It may start with a child’s dream… the vision for something greater. You may not know what you will find on the other side, but you can’t wait to get there… We make work fun, and will help you see things in a different, balanced, informed, well-explored way. We thrive on looking at a challenge from different angles, solving problems several ways, carefully considering what your vision is, tweaking it if need be, and helping you realize it.

The stage… You set it… we serve it. It could be your neighborhood community project, a local or regional event, a national policy issue, or international legal problem. Our team has the expertise, knowledge, experience, and ethic to prudently deliver the solution and work in tandem for the project to yield maximum value. Broad scope policy issues or narrowly focused legal conflicts excite us intellectually and stimulate creative and innovative problem-solving, characteristics of Nomos.

The grace of the process… Nomos fundamentally believes in providing the kind of service through which clients will enjoy work and gain meaningful insight about themselves and their organisations. Like a mother with her child, Nomos takes the utmost care of each project from start to finish, enjoying watching it grow into its own success thereafter. Be it a strategic consideration, a policy issue, legal conflict or international business problem, we cherish the process and pursue consistent learning and implementation for and with our client/partner. We firmly believe in the journey… and the good destination will follow.


Nomos consulting services, among others, include:

  • International Student-Athletes and NCAA DI Amateurism
  • International Student-Athletes in US Prep and High-Schools
  • International professional athletes’ transfers
  • Institutional liability and preparation of NCAA DI official visits
  • NCAA DI Athletic Departments’ risk management plans
  • Intellectual Property, new media, NCAA sports video games, and student-athletes’ rights of publicity
  • International Sport Governing Bodies’ Alternative Dispute Resolution, Mediation, policy analysis and drafting (i.e. athletes’ eligibility, coaching contract drafts, internet gambling and sport betting regulations)
  • Consulting in the field of compliance with international sports rules
  • Entertainment, gaming, sport and other industry-specific regulations
  • Policies exclusive of traditional legal fields

For more information on the above and other areas of our consultants’ expertise, please send an inquiry here.


St. Louis, USA


US Tel: (+1) 812-272-3598

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St. Louis, USA

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