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NIL - Name Image Likeness

NIL FB coverWe are Nomos, a Limited Liability Company chartered in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA. Nomos consultants provide a range of professional services, from advising international sport federations, international sport industry firms, club executives and managers, agents, coaches, interscholastic and intercollegiate athletics administrators, focusing on compliance, eligibility, recruiting, strategy, and international athletes. In 2022, Nomos secured scholarships for its athletes valued at $11,427,813; total value since inception reached the amount of $41,415,710, with considerably increased value, given breadth of services, projected in 2023.

We are now delighted to announce that we have initiated an expanded scope of work, encompassing student-athletes and professional prospects, on marketing opportunities, endorsements, sponsorships, and win-win value-added synergies and brand alliances via Name Image Likeness (NIL) partnerships. Over 20 years' worth of service in legal and policy circles, academic research and expert contributions by Nomos Founder Dr. Kaburakis, whose work was cited in key federal cases and current NCAA policy, culminated in this growing portfolio of critically important services for athletes.

This is an unprecedented opportunity specifically for international student-athletes, who have not been able to take full advantage of NIL-related activities while completing their academic and athletic careers in the States. Nomos team members work hard to provide crucial partnerships for student-athletes and professional prospects. Nomos has assembled an extremely capable and skilled media, PR, and marketing team along with NIL specialists and very experienced industry mentors with decades in the trenches of sponsorships and endorsements' negotiations. Thus, we take care of every action needed, from building the individual athlete's story, brand, and a competitive advantage, to exploring the strongest and most appropriate partnerships.

Important to further note, that Nomos' work was never only about the athletes' bottom line; we always have made a difference in people's lives, and our growing portfolio of services aims at the greatest possible societal impact we can attain through carefully selected cases of differentiating synergies and alliances. We take great pride in this work on behalf of our athletes, while also fully employing our deep and wide networks cultivated over decades around the globe with professionals, institutions, and multiple industry sectors' organizations that align with the values, principles, and quality of Nomos service.


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