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Not a week goes by that records are not broken! Award for Mouchlias and Chakas! Mandilaris top scorer and on auto-pilot!

Not a week goes by that records are not broken

The Greeks of America are setting the bar higher and higher, since they do not stop breaking records! Starting with Chakas, who with the new personal record of 24 kills, was named Player of the Match! But the next day he was followed by Mouchlias who with 70.6% hitting efficiency received the same award! Traveling a little further east, Kagialis and Kalagasidis had new personal records in kills with 13 and 5 respectively, with the 2nd scoring another double-double! Unstoppable Mandilaris being a top scorer in 3 of the 4 games, broke a record in blocks with 7!

Dimitris Mouchlias & Spyros Chakas

With 3 weeks to go until the end of the tournament, Mouchlias’ and Chakas’ Hawaii University recorded their 17th and 18th victories on March 25th and 26th against CSUN. With a 5 win streak, the Rainbow Warriors have only lost 3 times so far and their BWC record is 3-1. As for the performances of the Greeks last week, they were both named "Player of the Match" after their great performances, Chakas on the 25th and Mouchlias the following day. More specifically, in the 1st match, Mouchlias scored 7 kills, 2 aces, 2 blocks and 4 digs, while Chakas with a new personal record of 24 kills and being the 1st scorer, scored 2 assists, 1 block solo, 1 block assist and 3 digs. In the 2nd match, the sophomore right side with 12 kills and a 70.6% efficiency had 1 ace, 2 blocks and 3 digs , while the sophomore outside had 13 kills, 2 assists, 1 ace, 4 blocks and 6 digs.

Next obligations:
1/4 & 2/4 vs Long Beach State
8/4 & 9/4 vs UC Santa Barbara

Michalis Kagialis & Nikos Kalagasidis
The last 2 weeks for the Simpson University (8-9,7-5 CalPac) of Kagiali and Kalagasidis left a neutral result after the inclusion of 2 wins and 2 losses. More specifically, on the 18th they had a 3-2 defeat against Westcliff University, on the 20th and 25th two 3-0 victories against Saint Katherine University and Pacific Union College, and on the 27th a 3-0 defeat vs. UC Merced. Below are the statistics of the middle blocker and setter for these matches:

  • 18/3: Kagialis 6 kills, 1 ace, 3 blocks and 2 digs
    Kalagasidis double-double with 3 kills, 36 assists, 2 blocks and 10 digs

  • 20/3: Kagialis 7 kills, 1 assist, 2 blocks and 3 digs
    Kalagasidis 1 kill, 38 assists, 2 blocks and 4 digs

  • 25/3: Kagialis 12 kills in 14 attempts with 85.7% efficiency, 3 blocks and 3 digs
    Kalagasidis 2 kills, 25 assists, 1 ace, 1 block, 5 digs

  • 27/3: Kagialis of 13 kills, 5 blocks and 2 digs
    Kalagasidis of 5 kills, 42 assists, 1 ace, 4 blocks and 9 digs

Next obligations:

Angelos Mandilaris
Τhe victories… keep on coming for Mandilari’s Ball State with a new streak of 8 victories and an incredible overall record of 17-2 and 9-1 in MIVA. The last 2 weeks have been profitable as they brought 4 victories against Ohio State, Quincy University and Lindenwood, with the unstoppable Mandilari being the top scorer in the first 3. More specifically, on March 16th in the 3-2 victory against Ohio State, the young outside from Chalkida scored 23 kills, 1 assist, 1 block and 7 digs and two days later against the same university he had 14 kills, a season high of 7 blocks and 4 digs. The following weekend against Quincy University and Lindenwood, Mandilaris had 10 kills, 1 ace, 1 solo block, 2 assists and 5 digs in the first match and 11 kills, 3 blocks and 7 digs in the 2nd.

Next obligations:
31/3 with McKendree University
2/4 with Lewis University
7/4 with Loyola University Chicago

9/4 with Purdue Fort Wayne


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